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  • 7 questions to ask yourself before starting environmental projects or initiatives
    For those starting environmental projects/initiatives (especially young people), ask yourselves these questions before you start: 1) What exactly are you trying to do or achieve? What’s your goals/objectives? 2) How do you measure and track to make sure you are meeting your goals/objectives? 3) How serious are you? Do you want to see real impacts, […]
  • Singapore to implement carbon pricing
    Now that Singapore will be implementing carbon pricing, the first question is whether it would be in the form of a carbon tax or a cap and trade system? Carbon tax allows price certainty but uncertainty in emissions reduction. Easier to implement and price certainty is good for businesses. But usually tax increase is not […]
  • Singapore Green Landscape 2017
    At Green Future Solutions, we do our best to keep track of the green groups and sustainability industry in Singapore through our annual Singapore Green Landscape, which is in its 8th edition this year. The Singapore Green Landscape 2017 highlights the 13 key government reports that are related to sustainability, and introduces the 50 non-governmental […] […]
  • Looking for a hotel or mall to improve waste reduction and recycling
    Most of the large hotels and malls in Singapore have recycling programmes, yet their recycling rates are very low at 7-9% in 2015. We are looking to work with a hotel or mall in Singapore to understand their waste and try to see if there is room to improve their waste reduction and recycling. This […]
  • Calm Your Mind and Choose Your Response
    In an uncertain world where we are bombarded and frustrated daily by multiple environmental, social and political problems, and by Trump’s actions and words, we have to learn to calm our minds and choose our responses. Learn to calmly understand the issues and their roots rather than symptoms. Don’t be frustrated or angry, instead face […]